About Us


Miss United Nigeria International is a beauty pageant with a great purpose. There are so many beauty pageants in Nigeria at the moment since the inception, a lot are great, unique and worthy of emulation but we believe that the assembly of so many very beautiful ladies with intelligence and various unique talents is supposed to be for an important purpose.

"Nigeria, Great People Great Nation" as we are known can only be achieved on the platform and foundation built on unity. Experience and research have shown that the involvement of women in nation building is simply the best recipe for unity and growth. Beauty pageant and some other women development organizations and events have proven to be the fastest and most assured means of getting women together for a good course.

Many developed nations and international agencies have acknowledged and appreciated the role of women in nation building, Women are the advocates of peace and unity which begins locally in the family. We have chosen to use this medium to also gainfully engage our youths in nation building, skill aquisition, enterprise and entrepreneurship development by harnessing their various talents and intellects towards positive growth and development of the individuals and even the country at large.

To achieve this, we have extended a hand of partnership to reputable brands and organizations, Government agencies, NGOs, cooperate organizations and to individuals even in diaspora. The political dividend of MUNI can not be over emphasized as it assures tourism development, zonal and regional unity, peace, economic development, promotion of our culture and heritage and most importantly youth development and empowerment.

"MUNI" Is open to all Nigerian female ages 18 to 26yrs who share in the love for our dear country, this love will be better excercised in the winners PET projects all over the country. She will show her pride and patriotism for Nigeria. The pageant will inspire them to believe in themselves, live their dreams and achieve success.

All the contestants will have equal opportunity and believed to have the capacity to achieve the unimaginable and the unthinkable. MUNI have a simple entry yardstick which considers beauty, intelligence, behavioral etiquettes, height of 5ft6" and not taller than 6ft3" Ready and able to travel as the winners stand a chance to represent Nigeria internationally.